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Conclusion: Dinosaurs!

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Here's to you
I love webcomics.  Adore.  They are the perfect gateway drug into refreshing pages hour after hour waiting for updates and bookmarking enough sites to warrant separate folders organizing comics by tone, style and thematic elements.
But we all know that really good webcomics are hard to come by.  Devastatingly so.  For every good comic there are fifty bland ones and about a thousand scribbles with slapped on memes trying hard to pass off as humor.
And of course, there's the curse of webcomic adoration, the hiatus.  Not just any hiatus, but the one that never ends, in which the author seemingly enters another dimension is never heard of again and our comic stars sit impatiently stuck in the same perilous update for years on end.
Daisy Owl, one of the freshest, funniest and most interesting comics to date has met this fate, and I can't lie, it's pretty heartbreaking.  I've read through the archives too many times and checked back wistfully pretty often, hoping to see something short of a miracle...an update.

But this is why I could never create a webcomic.  Well, design and graphic incompetence, a lack of storytelling vices and poor scribbles are the major factors.  I have a habit of dropping things while they are unfinished and never looking them in the eye again.  I totally understand why creators leave webcomics after years of planning and work.  Sometimes they can stop being fun to make.  Or they get stale and unfunny.  Or the story is going places that you didn't think it would, and frankly, you don't know what the hell to do about it.
It's always sad to see good stories go though, especially when they are young and were so far from reaching a finale.

With that, let's take some time and re-read Daisy Owl again.
I will always put this comic in my Top 10 Favorites, despite its fate.  Never have I been so charmed by an owl father and his bear best friend.

May your archives bring joy to many more.  <3


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