Observation: I can't see a thing.

Conclusion: Dinosaurs!

Naps are awesome
Naps are spectacular.  Cats have the right idea, shit. 
Sometimes I think I am just such a lazy excuse for a human being.  I nap, I draw, I eat, I go to class, I do my work the day before it's due and then I nap some more. 
YOUTH.  We are the country's future.  And the future will be full of slacking off and making crappy flipnotes on Nintendo DS.

Every female Halloween costume is "slutty noun/profession".
DJ Spock
Ah, Halloween.  You would be my favorite holiday if I had sewing skills, money for an epic costume or something to DO that day.  However, this year I'll be 21 at last, and although it's on a Sunday (lamesauce!) maybe I'll hang out at a dive with my friends and drink overpriced alcohol, listening to awful karaoke.  I don't know.

Ricky and Morgan want to be Team Rocket, so I'm actually considering do something Pokemon themed.  Which ups my geek status to a whole new level.  Thankfully, there's no classes on the weekend or else I'd be super tempted to wear a Slowpoke costume to school.   Which, would be awesome, actually.  So never, mind, it's damn regrettable that it's on a weekend.

People should dress up in costumes more than once a year.  Err, well, people who aren't at conventions should dress up more than once a year.  My Snapple has a hummingbird on it, and it tastes awful because it's diet.  Not the best stuff on Earth, no, no.

On Fandoms and Fetishes

I love that Tumblr, just do it, go to it now.  Fandoms are scary and most people shouldn't be allowed to touch a pencil, a computer, MS Paint or holyshit all of the above.
I find it BAFFLING how for absolutely every damn TV show, movie, musical artist, historical figure or book (no matter how crappy) there's a crazy fandom that goes with it, usually intent on writing about/drawing the characters in strange sexual situations that defy physics or human biology.  It's crazy. It also makes me really wary to Google anything without safe search on, lest I get a whole page of inflation art, ladies with huge muscles and Spock as a gender-bending pregnant anime furry with tentacles (did I miss anything there?).

Dear crazy fandom people:  What did you do before the internet?  Did you write awful fanfics and just sort of...toss them in a glass bottle and hope for someone as equally obsessive as you finds it? Gee, I hope someone finds my fic about Harry Potter and Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles getting in on in the backseat of Nightrider.

I would love to actually have an in depth conversation with someone as to how they developed such a strange fetish, be it for inanimate objects, people suddenly gaining hundreds of pounds or...latex balloons, even.  How exactly does sex become associated with such strange, impossible ideas?  There must be a reason for it, even a limp one.  Somehow, somewhere down the line there had to have been a trigger that made someone sit up and say, "Hey!  I think it would be really hot if Lightning McQueen from Cars grew five times his size and starting humping the Empire State Building."  (Please, please don't make me find out if somewhere out there in the abyss of the internet this fetish exists.  Because I'm SURE it does.) 

I haven't slept in a while, so forgive me.  I really need to take a nap, I'm not sure how long it's been.

Writer's Block: R/evolutionary war
If humanity were to become extinct, do you think another animal species would evolve to take our place? What lessons do you think they'd learn from our successes and failures?

Cockroaches and dolphins.  The dolphins will rise from the water and find out, oh shit, cockroaches now rule the land and are as thick as carpet in the old cities of yore.  There will be an epic battle that will last for centuries until the dolphins discover old formulas for Raid and other insect repellents.  The planet, now most of it a friggen desert, will be covered in Raid, the cockroaches will die and all the dolphins will high-fin each other....until the meteor strikes.

All in all it will be pretty epic.

in all seriousness, however, probably my good friends the cephalopods would be a likely candidate.  Their intelligence is stunning, especially for a lack of a backbone.  Ooh, was that just vertebrae prejudice coming though?  Gasp.


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