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Conclusion: Dinosaurs!

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Your doodles fill me with joy.
Adventure Time
More on webcomics, because I am apparently in that sort of mood!

A huge webcomic trend is the horrifying video game comic.  It's not that they're all bad, but there's certainly more bad than good.  Once you start a parody comic of something that's been done over and over, often with great success, it's a rough terrain.  The problem I've found with most video game related comics is that the jokes are obvious.  Painfully so.  And since they often rely on humor in the "gag-a-strip" format, there isn't much else to save itself.  Comics with low humor redeem themselves with either outstanding characters or mega-awesome scenarios.  The only video game related webcomics that I think of that feed off drama, suspense and the wonderful concept of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT are some bitchin' Nuzlocke comics. 

Nuzlocke is pretty damn popular on the interwebs suddenly.  But it's just a different way of playing Pokemon where your little critter friends actually die if they faint, so it installs a whole new layer to the game.  I've started playing Emerald in that style and I can't lie, it's pretty frustrating.  It's fun, and I want to beat  the game true Nuzlocke style, but it's so tempting to cheat.  So very tempting.  Lots of people make comics on their run, either sticking to the exact events or drifting from it a bit for the sake of story.  Those that drift away a bit are often the best because it can get repetitive to read Nuzlocke comics about the same general not-so-interesting Pokemon plot.  It helps when the jokes aren't about the game itself, but rather the events and characters within it.  You get a real sense of dimension when a comic makes you forget that its characters are from a video game and you start to believe that it's rather a self-contained universe.  The execution can be pretty spectacular and impressive.

In particular, I'm thinking of pettyartist from Deviantart's Nuzlocke comic. pettyartist.deviantart.com/
Which, if you have randomly stumbled upon this journal, hello, and you should really check it out.  Awesome characters, great dynamics, funny dialogue.  It's my favorite and I can't wait for the conclusion.

Good stuff, good stuff.  I am about to go out tonight like a real human being.  Socialization!  Gasp!


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