Observation: I can't see a thing.

Conclusion: Dinosaurs!

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Graphing, how I do?
Alex Grey

I would like to know HOW the second bar represents almost 40 percent, which is not that far off from 62 percent.  Certainly not such a huuuuuge difference, LJ.

Started the fall school semester, and I have a rarity of actually good teachers, especially compared to last year's English teacher (whom I caught looking at webcam porn during class.  Good job). My English teacher is a tad obsessed with The Smiths, so far that his picture on our online discussions is Morrissey.  My Logic teacher sounds like Mr. Rogers, although that class is pretty boring.  Everyone says it's damned difficult but we've met three times so far (tomorrow with be the fourth) and it seems outlandishly easy.  Of course, now tomorrow we'll probably enter some uncharted realm of hell now that I've boasted.
Still no friends though.  Making friends was too easy when we were kids, even though I was even more shy back then.  Even in high school, I feel like friendship just sort of happened.   Perhaps I just haven't been spending time in the right areas during the right time.  Eh, whatever.  I can skim the school year by hiding out in the library reading in a cubicle.  It's virtually empty, which is pretty depressing as we have a large library, even if it's not as impressive as public schools of course.

Pokemon SoulSilver needs to stop being so addictive and sucking my life away.   Eh, who am I kidding, I enjoy the reprise from reality.


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