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Conclusion: Dinosaurs!

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Alas, my ear cozies!
Owl Dude
Aha!   I am with certainty going to Delaware this Halloween to Ricky and Morgan's new apartment.  *fanfare*
In other boring news in the life of a New Jersey girl, my precious headphones have been conking out.  They are in the awkward stage between life and death where if you jiggle the wire at any skewed angle, the left ear will go fuzzy and silent.  :(  Damn things were expensive too (although a present, but STILL.).

And yes, headphones are that essential to me.  At home they're on throughout most of my day, whether watching TV/movies, playing video games or listening to music while doing never-ending school work or whatever it is that I waste my time doing.  I don't know, I enjoy listening to everything on headphones as opposed to outloud.  Which is good, since my landlord (who lives RIGHT EFFING BELOW ME) has an ear for the tiniest bump or bang.   (Note to self and/or readers:  Never, ever think it's a good idea to live in the same building, let alone above the person in charge of rent and whether or not you are homeless.  It is a very, very bad idea.  Unless you are a deaf and a mute.)

I'm looking up headphones online with LIFETIME WARRANTIES * (psssh, yeah right).  I go through them like nobody's business, so I wonder if I should shell out real big bucks for professional crazy DJ oh-man-so-high-tech headphones.


EDIT:  Of course, now I find out that my headphones did INDEED have a lifetime guarantee, but I never signed up for it.  :[  That package got thrown out in a hurry.  What did we learn today, Squidward?


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