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My name is Sarah, I go to college, I volunteer with cats, I read until my eyeballs burn and I fall down stairs more often than I'd like to admit.  None of my clothes match, I enjoy being an atheist, I like boring movies and I could and pretty much do live off a diet of bagels.  The end.

Writer's Block: Heroes and villains
Owl Dude
Who was your favorite childhood superhero, and why?

I had a bunch of superheroes in my crazy little childhood self's head.  The two I remember most are Star Cat and AA Cat.  (How original!  CATS!)  Star Cat had, take a wild guess, the power of stars  (Whatever that means)  and AA Cat had the power of WORDS.  His arch nemesis was 11 Cat who had the power of infinite numbers. 

What a million-dollar idea, childhood self.  Intense.

Writer's Block: Rise and shine
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

I stare at my phone in disbelief of the time and slam buttons, any button, in hope that one of them is the snooze.

This usually turns the phone off and I wake up an hour later going, "Oh fffffuuuuuuuuuck."

Writer's Block: Snack attack
Alex Grey
What food would you never put in your mouth for any reason, and why?

The obvious answer for me is something akin to a hunk of steak or tuna or bacon.  However, seeing as I used to eat meat, and would not be opposed to the consumption of vat-grown meat (Animal-free!  Science is awesome.) I feel that answer is cheating.

For any reason is difficult.  Insects come to mind, but if I were starving and had no other option, I couldn't rule them out.  Plus, I've already consumed insects in my lifetime, just not whole or consciously.  Plenty of bugs used to land in my pool when I was a kid and if you weren't paying attention they would go down your throat when you surfaced for air.  A fly flew into my mouth through an open car window once and almost every time I eat food with red coloring, I am eating crushed up beetles.  So, not insects then.

What about human flesh?  If I came across a human corpse whilst starving, could I eat human flesh?  Could I become a cannibal for survival?  I'm very squeamish and get dizzy at the sight of even a papercut on someone's finger, but in the face of life or death choices, morale and the will to survive can do some strange tricks on the mind. 

I don't think I can answer this question with 100% certainty, other than resorting to obvious answers such as "an extra-terrestrial being from the outskirts of Alpha Centauri.  Eh, fuckit, let's go with that answer.

Mission Accomplished!
Owl Dude
Ahhh, finally got my classes done and figured out. My schedule this year is busy, but with Creative Writing snuck in there it should be fun.  I was torn between taking another class with my Lit teacher: she was awesome and knowledgeable in ways that professors should be.  But, a new face is a good idea.  I've never had a professor more than once before, and why start now?
Thankgod for grants and financial aid.  I will actually be receiving a thousand dollar refund late January. *toot!*  It's such a good feeling to get that weight off my chest.  Phew.  And now...to celebrate the only way I know how...
...with an animated .gif.

Your doodles fill me with joy.
Adventure Time
More on webcomics, because I am apparently in that sort of mood!

A huge webcomic trend is the horrifying video game comic.  It's not that they're all bad, but there's certainly more bad than good.  Once you start a parody comic of something that's been done over and over, often with great success, it's a rough terrain.  The problem I've found with most video game related comics is that the jokes are obvious.  Painfully so.  And since they often rely on humor in the "gag-a-strip" format, there isn't much else to save itself.  Comics with low humor redeem themselves with either outstanding characters or mega-awesome scenarios.  The only video game related webcomics that I think of that feed off drama, suspense and the wonderful concept of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT are some bitchin' Nuzlocke comics. 

Nuzlocke is pretty damn popular on the interwebs suddenly.  But it's just a different way of playing Pokemon where your little critter friends actually die if they faint, so it installs a whole new layer to the game.  I've started playing Emerald in that style and I can't lie, it's pretty frustrating.  It's fun, and I want to beat  the game true Nuzlocke style, but it's so tempting to cheat.  So very tempting.  Lots of people make comics on their run, either sticking to the exact events or drifting from it a bit for the sake of story.  Those that drift away a bit are often the best because it can get repetitive to read Nuzlocke comics about the same general not-so-interesting Pokemon plot.  It helps when the jokes aren't about the game itself, but rather the events and characters within it.  You get a real sense of dimension when a comic makes you forget that its characters are from a video game and you start to believe that it's rather a self-contained universe.  The execution can be pretty spectacular and impressive.

In particular, I'm thinking of pettyartist from Deviantart's Nuzlocke comic. pettyartist.deviantart.com/
Which, if you have randomly stumbled upon this journal, hello, and you should really check it out.  Awesome characters, great dynamics, funny dialogue.  It's my favorite and I can't wait for the conclusion.

Good stuff, good stuff.  I am about to go out tonight like a real human being.  Socialization!  Gasp!

Here's to you
I love webcomics.  Adore.  They are the perfect gateway drug into refreshing pages hour after hour waiting for updates and bookmarking enough sites to warrant separate folders organizing comics by tone, style and thematic elements.
But we all know that really good webcomics are hard to come by.  Devastatingly so.  For every good comic there are fifty bland ones and about a thousand scribbles with slapped on memes trying hard to pass off as humor.
And of course, there's the curse of webcomic adoration, the hiatus.  Not just any hiatus, but the one that never ends, in which the author seemingly enters another dimension is never heard of again and our comic stars sit impatiently stuck in the same perilous update for years on end.
Daisy Owl, one of the freshest, funniest and most interesting comics to date has met this fate, and I can't lie, it's pretty heartbreaking.  I've read through the archives too many times and checked back wistfully pretty often, hoping to see something short of a miracle...an update.

But this is why I could never create a webcomic.  Well, design and graphic incompetence, a lack of storytelling vices and poor scribbles are the major factors.  I have a habit of dropping things while they are unfinished and never looking them in the eye again.  I totally understand why creators leave webcomics after years of planning and work.  Sometimes they can stop being fun to make.  Or they get stale and unfunny.  Or the story is going places that you didn't think it would, and frankly, you don't know what the hell to do about it.
It's always sad to see good stories go though, especially when they are young and were so far from reaching a finale.

With that, let's take some time and re-read Daisy Owl again.
I will always put this comic in my Top 10 Favorites, despite its fate.  Never have I been so charmed by an owl father and his bear best friend.

May your archives bring joy to many more.  <3

Graphing, how I do?
Alex Grey

I would like to know HOW the second bar represents almost 40 percent, which is not that far off from 62 percent.  Certainly not such a huuuuuge difference, LJ.

Started the fall school semester, and I have a rarity of actually good teachers, especially compared to last year's English teacher (whom I caught looking at webcam porn during class.  Good job). My English teacher is a tad obsessed with The Smiths, so far that his picture on our online discussions is Morrissey.  My Logic teacher sounds like Mr. Rogers, although that class is pretty boring.  Everyone says it's damned difficult but we've met three times so far (tomorrow with be the fourth) and it seems outlandishly easy.  Of course, now tomorrow we'll probably enter some uncharted realm of hell now that I've boasted.
Still no friends though.  Making friends was too easy when we were kids, even though I was even more shy back then.  Even in high school, I feel like friendship just sort of happened.   Perhaps I just haven't been spending time in the right areas during the right time.  Eh, whatever.  I can skim the school year by hiding out in the library reading in a cubicle.  It's virtually empty, which is pretty depressing as we have a large library, even if it's not as impressive as public schools of course.

Pokemon SoulSilver needs to stop being so addictive and sucking my life away.   Eh, who am I kidding, I enjoy the reprise from reality.

Deals on wheels.
Neko Case
Dear car, otherwise known as Valhalla, the egocentric Viking,

Your bumper is lopsided and has dried patches of super glue from when I made sure that no one would steal my evolve fish THIS time (humpf).  Sometimes your AC works, sometimes it doesn't, and you will make sure that the days in which it doesn't work it's 98 degrees outside.  Only three or so radio stations come in at a time, and two of them are always playing the same song.  You beep every time I open the door, no matter WHAT, even if everything is in place off and secured. You have purple stains on the trunk from some berries that grow on the tree under which I park you and birds always poop on your windshield.  You go from zero to 60 in one hour and sometimes I'm afraid that you'll fall apart on the parkway and I'll fly into a tree.  And hey, remember the coil pack trouble you used to have where you shut off any time you were stationary for more than 30 seconds?  Shit, that was fun.  Your gas gauge is a perpetual liar, telling me that you're full and then dipping down to a quarter left in a matter of miles.  The rear speakers are fuzzy unless you tune the bass just right, so absolutely no one is allowed to touch the settings but me, your master. 
You are the worst car ever and I can hardly believe that I've put up with you for this long.

But I love you, so don't break down or fall into a ditch or anything.  Because first cars are torrid love affairs.

Alas, my ear cozies!
Owl Dude
Aha!   I am with certainty going to Delaware this Halloween to Ricky and Morgan's new apartment.  *fanfare*
In other boring news in the life of a New Jersey girl, my precious headphones have been conking out.  They are in the awkward stage between life and death where if you jiggle the wire at any skewed angle, the left ear will go fuzzy and silent.  :(  Damn things were expensive too (although a present, but STILL.).

And yes, headphones are that essential to me.  At home they're on throughout most of my day, whether watching TV/movies, playing video games or listening to music while doing never-ending school work or whatever it is that I waste my time doing.  I don't know, I enjoy listening to everything on headphones as opposed to outloud.  Which is good, since my landlord (who lives RIGHT EFFING BELOW ME) has an ear for the tiniest bump or bang.   (Note to self and/or readers:  Never, ever think it's a good idea to live in the same building, let alone above the person in charge of rent and whether or not you are homeless.  It is a very, very bad idea.  Unless you are a deaf and a mute.)

I'm looking up headphones online with LIFETIME WARRANTIES * (psssh, yeah right).  I go through them like nobody's business, so I wonder if I should shell out real big bucks for professional crazy DJ oh-man-so-high-tech headphones.


EDIT:  Of course, now I find out that my headphones did INDEED have a lifetime guarantee, but I never signed up for it.  :[  That package got thrown out in a hurry.  What did we learn today, Squidward?


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